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クリエイティブ・コモンズ・ライセンス/ "unported" の意味

CC License の「Attribution 3.0 Unported 」の意味が…( ³ω³ ).。o?? だったので、訪サイトして意味を調べてみました。以下に、Unportedの意味を解説した箇所を先ず。



Further Internationalization


When CC’s core licensing suite was first released in December 2002, the licenses were drafted based on US copyright law and referred to as the “generic” license because the license did not identify a specific jurisdiction or governing law to apply to the interpretation of the license. Towards the end of 2003, Creative Commons launched its license internationalization project [28], which involves the “porting” of the generic licenses to different jurisdictions around the world.


Since this project started, the CC core licenses have been “ported” to over 45 jurisdictions around the world to countries as diverse as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Croatia, China, France, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, South Africa and South Korea. (Id.)


While the internationalization has taken off far beyond Creative Commons’ expectations and has demonstrated the amazing energy around the globe for a more flexible and permissive copyright licensing approach, two issues arose.


The first is that as Creative Commons’ license internationalization project continued to grow, the “generic” license and the US license were one and the same. For the casual visitor to the CC International page (Id.), it seemed that the licenses had not been “ported” to the US, when in fact they had started out there. The challenge becomes though — if CC recognizes a specific US license, on what law should the “generic” license be based?


The approach Creative Commons adopted to respond this issue required further internationalization of our licenses. We decided to spin off the “generic” license to be a US license and recraft the “generic” license to have it utilize the language of the international intellectual property treaties, in place of the language of US copyright law.


The new license relies on the language of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works [29], the Rome Convention of 1961 [30], the WIPO Copyright Treaty of 1996 [31], the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty of 1996 [32] and the Universal Copyright Convention [33]. Because treaties are matters of international agreement between countries and, as a general rule, require adoption into national law to be effective in a particular country, simply basing the license wording on these treaties is not, of itself, sufficient. Consequently, clause 8(f) of the new generic specifically provides that the license takes effect according to the corresponding provisions of the implementation of those treaty provisions in the applicable national law.


To reflect the nature of the new “generic” license we also decided to change its name to “unported.” This description is intended to highlight the different nature of the new generic license and to utilize the “porting” terminology that Creative Commons has been using in its license internationalization project since its launch in 2003 to more clearly illustrate the nature of the license that has not been adapted for a local jurisdiction.


The result of this further internationalization is that CC will now offer both an “unported” license and a US license, in addition to the 45-plus ported licenses; the unported license can be selected by those creators to whose jurisdiction CC has not yet ported a license. 

Creative Commons License/ Wiki
 --- https://wiki.creativecommons.org/wiki/Version_3




ライセンス関連(著作権)等、やはり法律に関わるものは文章量が多いですね💦!!!!(゚ロ゚ノ)ノ これでもごく一部です( ¯∀¯٥)w

少し話は逸れるのですが、苫さんとか法案関連のA4用紙1000枚くらいの英文などを、4回くらいサラッと読まれるらしいのです⁉︎💡( ˙◊˙◞ )◞  本当にすごいです。100枚ではなく1000枚。誤字でも盛っている訳でも無いですよ✨(⁼̴̀ૢ꒳​⁼̴́ૢ๑) やはりフロントランナーの方というのは、本当〜〜〜に凄い!!✨(⁼̴̀ૢ꒳​⁼̴́ૢ๑) 事実は小説よりも奇なり✨(°∀° )/(°ω° )/(°Д° )/✨ 

僕もマイペースですが、諦めずに一歩でも憧れの先輩に近づける様に日々YD(やりたい事しか出来ない) の日々を重ねていきたいと思っておる次第でありまする_(( _๑´ω`)_🌟♨️





『  unportedと付いているクリエイティブ・コモンズ・ライセンスは、どの国の法律にも適応できるグローバルな法律では無いですよ。クリエイティブ・コモンズが定めた、もう一つの「どの国にも適用できる"Generic license"」と明確に区別する為に、unportedと名付けました』


という事だそうです。いや〜、中々法律はおもしろ複雑ですね〜((つд⊂) ゴシゴシ やり込めば、知的体力がかなり付きそうですね~(´つヮ⊂) まぁ大変そうだから、やりませんけどっ♪(੭ˊ꒳​ˋ)੭✧🌟←←



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