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【js】JavaScript の一次ソースがクッソ分かりやすい件



6thは600p超あって驚きましたが😅w 1thバージョンは120-130p程で、そちらから始めようかと思いますw





ECMAScript-262 1th Edithon

( pdf.ver / p2 / 4.2 Language Overview より)


4.2 Language Overview


The following is an informal overview of ECMAScript—not all parts of the language are described. This overview is not part of the standard proper. ECMAScript is object-based: basic language and host facilities are provided by objects, and an ECMAScript program is a cluster of communicating objects. An ECMAScript object is an unordered collection of properties each with 0 or more attributes which determine how each property can be used—for example, when the ReadOnly attribute for a property is set to true, any attempt by executed ECMAScript code to change the value of the property has no effect. Properties are containers that hold other objects, primitive values, or methods. A primitive value is a member of one of the following built-in types: Undefined, Null, Boolean, Number, and String; an object is a member of the remaining built-in type Object; and a method is a function associated with an object via a property.


ECMAScript defines a collection of built-in objects which round out the definition of ECMAScript entities. These built-in objects include the Global object, the Object object, the Function object, the Array object, the String object, the Boolean object, the Number object, the Math object, and the Date object.


ECMAScript also defines a set of built-in operators which may not be, strictly speaking, functions or methods. ECMAScript operators include various unary operations, multiplicative operators, additive operators, bitwise shift operators, relational operators, equality operators, binary bitwise operators, binary logical operators, assignment operators, and the comma operator.


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